is the beautiful land of lakes in the middle of Irish island. This is a place away from it all - but not that far away...

County Cavan with its breathtaking landscapes and rich culture is fantastic place for lake lovers, hiking lovers and all those that want to slow down at least for a couple of days. Time just has its own pace here in Cavan and that slowed-down pace will allow you to recharge your batteries and enjoy your time. At the same time rest assured that attractions in County Cavan will fill in every day of your stay with us. County Cavan also offers some of the best fine dining experiences to be found - outstanding hospitality and local love of music will surely keep you awake until the early hours.


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When it comes to activities and attractions in Cavan you will be spoiled with choice of golf courses, horse riding, walking & hiking as well as family attractions. Click on links below for further information:

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County Cavan is rightfully regarded as one of best Irish fishing destination. In fact many Cavan fisheries are considered among the finest in Europe. You will be spoilt for choices with the amount of great fishing around you.

When it comes to coarse fishing, hundreds of lakes and rivers around Cavan have good stocks of typical coarse fish including Bream, Roach, Rudd, Perch and Pike. Roach Bream and Rudd Bream Hybrids are found in the majority of these fisheries and due to their hard fighting qualities they become favourite species when it comes to angling in Ireland. Tench are now more widespread and have grown to specimen size in some fisheries.


Typical feeder tactics with paternoster rig work well. Casting consistently to the clip at 30-50m and building up your swim with groundbait, casters and maggots (go for the red ones!!) will usually see your swim becoming alive with fish that will feed more confidently with time as you put more bait in. Prebaiting of your chosen swim can be very beneficial tactic that will often see shoals of bream and some hard fighting wild Irish tench finding their way to your keepnet. Hooks size 14-12 on 2-3ft hooklink and 30-60gr feeder is all you need. If the fishing becomes harder, increase the length of your hooklink and put on some floating maggots, you might be very surprised...


Pike fishing in Ireland is exceptional and pike fishing in Cavan must be one of the best in the country. All usual tactics works well with deadbaiting concentrated around colder months and trolling and spinning being most productive during March to September. If the conditions are right make sure to try pike fly fishing and you are in good chances for unforgettable memories.


And of course there are all the streams and rivers as well as Lough Sheelin for all the trout fishing passionates.


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